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Strange Sugar

by Invocal

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*Gasp* Invocal's tantalising and titillating (we imagine) new EP. It's an exclusive album preview plus two marvelous live tracks, chronicling the band's irrepressible live wonderfulness.


released December 19, 2009

Music & lyrics by R. Swayne



all rights reserved
Track Name: Bubblewrap
Sugar, you are pushing your luck
You’re a silly girl, you-
You are not all true
Fast forward to the 9 word squall
“It’s all gone wrong and it’s not my fault!”
You’ve made a lovely home with attractive fabrication
Marzipan insulation, white washed walls
Everything is sweet until your enemy The Truth
Comes knocking at your door like the Big Bad Wolf

Stop the show
Words to you are bubblewrap and sprinkles and snow
Time to let me know or let me go
Yes or no, yes or no
Yes or no yes or no-oh-oh-oh-oh
La da di! Yabba dabba doo I got an answer from you!
I wonder if it’s true
Or more protection, confection, eventual rejection and gloom

Oh you may kid yourself your problem is
You’re trying to please everyone
But is it more that everyone should always think you’re the special one?
The difference is significant, and you my friend magnificent –
Un-altruistic narcissistic patronizing **** Mandolin! ..... Cello!

You’ve made a lovely home with attractive fabrication
Marzipan insulation, white washed walls
Everything is sweet until your enemy The Truth
Comes knocking at your door like the Big Bad Wolf
(Lovely home, super show, sugar glow, pretty snow
Everything’s pretty sweet…)


(it is time)
Words to you are handy tools
They help you out and keep you cool
They’re sugar sprinkles, pretty jewels
They’re bait for strangers, sweets for fools
They’re bubble wrap, smart deflection
Nobody is grateful
For your protection... you b***h

Track Name: Josie oh Jo
Josie oh Jo you’re a helluva girl
You’re a star
You’re strong but I’m certain
We’re gonna get hurt in this bar
Your skin has gone pale
And your jeans won’t stay up past your arse
The customers notice and laugh
“get ‘em off, get em off’ - Jose

People are gory
And terrible stories get passed
Bout girls that have needs
And the time of the night
When yes and no aren’t that far apart
Our new friends aren’t true friends
Of that I am certain enough
The leers and the cheers
“get em off get em off get em off” Jose (eeeeee)

Josie oh Jo it is impossible to understand everyone
(Josie Josie oh Jo you’re a helluva girl)
Most of them are cool, most are harmless and like you
(But you’re lonely – I’m lonely too and it’s)
But one or two are in fact actual scum
(making me do things I won’t be)
Decisions are made in the most indecipherable way
(Happy I’ve done but I’m still going under oh)
Distorted importance the bubble, the trouble we face
(stop me)
Josie oh Jo get em off get em off get em off me
(Josie oh jo get em off get em of get em off get em off…)

Get em off get em off get em off get em off get em off me
Distorted importance the bubble, the trouble we’re facing
It’s enough it’s enough it’s enough it’s enough it’s enough see
It’s insane to think we’ll handle
Any of this plan
This is stupid smash and grab and get em off Jose

Places take and people change
Hale devolve and the mental age
At an alarming speed are we harming people
Or are they harming themselves?

People take and places change
Try you may, can’t recreate a certain
Balmy evening, that parting feeling
Or that safe little spot on your own
(get em off…)

Be faithful
Be thankful
We’ll take a spiritual angle
This empty trust becomes us
Oh just enjoy the numbness

Your darkness, your lessons
Your Hans Christian Andersons
You shout inside your head
But never say a word out loud to me (eeeee)

(get em off…)
I shout inside my head
But never have I said
I am not as strong as you, Josie.
Track Name: Love's young dream

You have the smile of a doomed woman
Tortured and tired but strangely euphoric
That’s what I thought when I met you that night
In the Black Prince

You have the look of a terrapin
Solemn face, hard case, soft on the inside
That’s what I thought on reflection
It might have been the absinthe

I miss you (I miss you)
I miss you more (No I miss you more)
I miss you so much
I’ve been crying
Throwing myself against a wall
Screaming your name

Ok it does sound like you miss me more
But I love you (I need you)
I love you more (No I miss you more)
I love you
I want you
I worship you
Follow you
Haunt you and swallow you
Dote on you
God it’s a shame that…

We are so badly matched its unreal
A simply terrible cosmic error will
Surely explain this appalling arrangement
We’re so unsuited it’s untrue
Venus and Mars will have rolled around laughing
When they programmed me hopelessly in love with you
You are so… good (…thanks!)

You have the way of a cabbage-patch kid
Yes you are unique but you’re really not that sweet
Oh no no no no
And you give me the creeps

You are as bad as a black… -Woh! That’s Racist!
…widow -Oh sorry.
Devout carnivore you devour those that bore you
Your venom goo is seeping through

You have the manner of a kiss-a-gram at a funeral
Brazen, bizarre and deeply inappropriate
Every caress brings another fine mess
But the good bits are stopping us
Stating the obvious…

We are so badly matched its unreal
One should never kiss one’s nemesis
What can I do, you are such a good screw
We are so unsuited it’s untrue
Aphrodite went all spiteful and premenstrual
Determined me terminally in love with you
It’s just so….gay

You have the look of a drunk who wants to
Change their past with magic potion
Got to love the talent of a lady who
Doles out advice for other people’s lives
But when it comes to pathos doesn’t have a clue

You’re such a little hero in your kaftan
But sanctimony doesn’t make you Batman

Gotta keep on running
If we stop and think we’re done in
This is bloody Armageddon
And you bloody do my head in
This is evil and unnatural
And I thought we wanted casual
This is not exactly what I planned
I thought you were a one-night stand

We are, we are, we are so-o-o
We are, we are, we are so-o-o in love
Track Name: Madalini (Live 2009)
a-1 a-2 a-1 2 3 4!

I heard a woman took carrying a cross-bow,
That way no-one was inclined to try and speak to her
Small talk, niceties and tittle tattle only made her mean
Good girl
It wasn't that she was averse to interaction,
More that years of serving beer and bar banalities
Meant her tolerance had wavered over certain things
Over most things actually.

"Oh shame! Symptom of society or
Some same sentimental piety
This country's just gone down, down, down.
I say - another scary tale have you
Read, in The Daily Mail is this
Seat free?"
I wouldn't recommend it.
Peyow! Peyow! Pwyow!


A-ha-ha-ha-hha-ha-ha-ha hoh!
Now don't you worry Madalaini's little cross bow
Only launches rods with little orange sucker pads
She makes a point of never using actual weaponry
Not since the accident
But even still, poor Madalini gets an ASBO,
Who'd have thought her charming silence loving subtlety
Would lead to an encounter with a WPC
I don't think they're called that anymore.
Shut up, Rachel.

"Oh shame! Symptom of society or
Some same sentimental piety
This country's just gone down, down, down.
I say - the world's gone mad and everybody's gay
And have you seen the weather
Is this seat free?"
I wouldn't recommend it
Peyow! Peyow! Peyow!


No fair - they took away the cross bow
Life's tough but you gotta learn'a let go
We all do - it's kinda good for you
These towns'll get ya if ya let them
Close you in with fumes and threats then punish
When ya get a small bit screwy and
Oh GOD enough - I don't want this fuss
Maybe read my look
Let me read my book……..or die.
Track Name: Tinnitus and me (Live 2009)
We were watching street performers in the sun
And I cowered as you proclaimed
"Oh the things you see when you've not got a gun"
And wondered why I walked away

You see, you're not comedic
You're a let down
You're a plagiarist at best and
Either you learn now
Or some juggler's gonna get you good
The girl that works at alldays
Will smash in your face
And the man from Marks'll finish you - leave you with tinnitus and

You were born of those almost reptilian
And with climate you can change
I am colder now then you have ever been
And you're conveniently deranged

It seems that as an actor
And a musician
Your plans don't come to fruition
But as an addict
You're surprisingly pro-active
You steal - you're not bohemian
'cos you've no freedom
You can't leave the sleaze you're buried in
You may well be running - you can't stop the ringing …

(eeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeee )

"ooooh lets just get wasted, baby
ooooooh you look like you need it, darling
oooooh lets just erase this, baby
ohhhh and go somewhere seedy… darling"

Well now I have a headache
And I didn't want this anyway
The squalor in the attic
And the death in the living room
I didn't want the sound of a key in a door to cause a rush of despair
And a bolt for the first floor
The man who we owe money to's
Not even in the country
And the bitch who shares our
House won't stop complaining 'bout the humming
And I dunno how you're doing this,
But she can hear your tinnitus
And I can just hear promises that bond us then evaporate
You've really done it now you know,
You've gone and got it wrong again
The sea's full of disease and all the streets are full of people
Who would kill you soon as see you
And they'll hurt me if they hear you so just
Keep the ruddy noise down and just drop it and Christ, let's just GO