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Love's Young Dream (Live 2009)

by Invocal

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Recorded at The Labour Club in Northampton on 18th October 2009.



You have the smile of a doomed woman
Tortured and tired but strangely euphoric
That’s what I thought when I met you that night
In the Black Prince

You have the look of a terrapin
Solemn face, hard case, soft on the inside
That’s what I thought on reflection
It might have been the absinthe

I miss you (I miss you)
I miss you more (No I miss you more)
I miss you so much
I’ve been crying
Throwing myself against a wall
Screaming your name

Ok it does sound like you miss me more
But I love you (I need you)
I love you more (No I miss you more)
I love you
I want you
I worship you
Follow you
Haunt you and swallow you
Dote on you
God it’s a shame that…

We are so badly matched its unreal
A simply terrible cosmic error will
Surely explain this appalling arrangement
We’re so unsuited it’s untrue
Venus and Mars will have rolled around laughing
When they programmed me hopelessly in love with you
You are so… good (…thanks!)

You have the way of a cabbage-patch kid
Yes you are unique but you’re really not that sweet
Oh no no no no
And you give me the creeps

You are as bad as a black… -Woh! That’s Racist!
…widow -Oh sorry.
Devout carnivore you devour those that bore you
Your venom goo is seeping through

You have the manner of a kiss-a-gram at a funeral
Brazen, bizarre and deeply inappropriate
Every caress brings another fine mess
But the good bits are stopping us
Stating the obvious…

We are so badly matched its unreal
One should never kiss one’s nemesis
What can I do, you are such a good screw
We are so unsuited it’s untrue
Aphrodite went all spiteful and premenstrual
Determined me terminally in love with you
It’s just so….gay

You have the look of a drunk who wants to
Change their past with magic potion
Got to love the talent of a lady who
Doles out advice for other people’s lives
But when it comes to pathos doesn’t have a clue

You’re such a little hero in your kaftan
But sanctimony doesn’t make you Batman

Gotta keep on running
If we stop and think we’re done in
This is bloody Armageddon
And you bloody do my head in
This is evil and unnatural
And I thought we wanted casual
This is not exactly what I planned
I thought you were a one-night stand

We are, we are, we are so-o-o
We are, we are, we are so-o-o in love


released October 18, 2009
Music & lyrics by R. Swayne



all rights reserved